Areas of Expertise


Clients can expect a pragmatic approach to their individual case and comprehensive support in both their transactional and litigation issues.

Our firm handles a broad range of legal matters in all areas of entertainment and interactive media for actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, composers, recording artists, authors, publishers, artists, photographers, fashion industry professionals, independent production companies, financiers, distributors and major entertainment studios.

David Baldwin has an unmatched professional understanding of the fast-paced, ever-evolving entertainment industry that precludes ego and prioritizes results. At the center of quality legal representation, an attorney must be agile and able to adapt to the constant ebb and flow of the industry. David Baldwin has a proven track record that showcases his practical knowledge of the field and the law. He is current on industry trends, emerging technologies and is able to apply his comprehensive legal savvy to his client’s individual cases and unique needs.

Intellectual Property

David Baldwin and his team work with our clients to develop and implement intellectual property protection for businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, creative types, and industry professionals. These services include intellectual property registration, licensing negotiations, contract drafting, and litigation.

The Law Office of David Baldwin’s intellectual property/entertainment law practice also includes providing legal services for management, talent, rights acquisitions, development, options contracts, production and all types of legal work for the art world, film, television, and the music industry. Our knowledge of client rights surrounding the complexities of trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets is vast and practical. The Law Office of David Baldwin focuses on developing brand integration opportunities to exploit any possible revenue stream across various markets and media formats available around the world.


We work with our clients to develop and implement business strategies and form entities to provide protection for entrepreneurs and professional artists. There are many considerations when starting or transitioning a business. Our firm will help the client navigate the numerous local, State, and Federal laws to ensure legal compliance for your business.

From contract drafting to litigation, our firm can tactfully and thoroughly address all your legal needs. Often times a successful business is unaware of legal opportunities to protect themselves and the business. The Law Office of David Baldwin will provide a detailed analysis of options to help a business succeed and implement effective strategies.

Consumer Advocacy

Our firm is a new leader in the legal industry for consumer advocacy. The attorneys and staff at the Law Office of David Baldwin are experienced and dedicated to holding corporations accountable on behalf of individual consumers.


Bills often accumulate due to life events that are beyond our control. Dealing with creditors and bill collectors can be stressful and overwhelming. Our office will provide the required expertise in bankruptcy law that can end the frustration and help obtain the fresh start you deserve.

The Law Office of David Baldwin has successfully represented clients in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings to help create a new start. The client can put a stop to bill collections, wage garnishment, and foreclosures.

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