Areas of Expertise

Clients can expect a pragmatic approach to their individual case and comprehensive support in both their transactional and litigation issues.

David Baldwin handles a broad range of legal matters in all areas of entertainment and interactive media for actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, composers, recording artists, authors, publishers, artists, photographers, fashion industry professionals, independent production companies, financiers, distributors and major entertainment studios.

David Baldwin has an unmatched professional understanding of the fast-paced, ever-evolving entertainment industry that precludes ego and prioritizes results. At the center of quality legal representation, an attorney must be agile and able to adapt to the constant ebb and flow of the industry. David Baldwin has a proven track record that showcases his practical knowledge of the field and the law. He is current on industry trends, emerging technologies and is able to apply his comprehensive legal savvy to his client’s individual cases and unique needs.

David Baldwin works with his clients to develop and implement intellectual property protection for businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, creative, and industry professionals. These services include intellectual property registration, fashion litigation, licensing negotiations, contract drafting, and litigation. David Baldwin’s intellectual property/entertainment law practice also includes providing legal services for management, talent, rights acquisitions, development, option contracts, production and all types of legal work for the art world, film, television, and the music industry. He’s knowledgeable of client rights surrounding the complexities of trademarks, copyright, patents and trade secrets. David Baldwin focuses on developing brand integration opportunities to exploit any possible revenue stream across various markets and media formats available around the world.

David Baldwin’s practice and expertise encompasses a broad range of general law areas with the goal of providing preeminent counsel to individuals and businesses. He does not limit his practice or legal specialty to one particular area of law since our diverse and global society requires a lawyer with broad knowledge and a varied, yet pointed skillset. His versatile acumen allows him to counsel clients on their varying and often overlapping legal needs. These areas include family law, estate planning, accident and personal injury law, criminal law, bankruptcy, business law, employment law, insurance law, real estate and more.

Accidents happen, creating vulnerable and complex circumstances. Clients can rely on David Baldwin to advocate for them and champion their case from start to finish. Every year, millions of people are involved in car accidents, which can cause serious injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Car wrecks are frightening enough without having to worry about the financial, physical, and emotional aftermath. If you were involved in a car accident, suffered an injury in the workplace, or on the property of another person due to the negligence of another, let the Law Office of David Baldwin help you seek out the compensation you deserve for your injuries. David Baldwin will skillfully manage the insurance companies to achieve the best possible resolution on your behalf. Though filing a claim won’t make up for losing a loved one or overcoming your own physical injuries, it can help alleviate the financial burdens brought on by excessive hospital bills, funeral expenses, and lost wages.

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