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About Us

The Law Office of David Baldwin is a full-service law firm based in downtown Los Angeles specializing in a wide range of legal matters. David Baldwin, a Los Angeles native, is a creative strategist with a profound loyalty to his community and an exceptional understanding of law. He is committed to professionalism and client-focused, individualized counsel. Prior to his legal career, he worked as a music producer, sound engineer, studio owner, independent artist and songwriter which has uniquely positioned him to navigate the specific needs of his Los Angeles client base. Highly responsive, attentive and passionate, he has earned a reputation of providing credible, compassionate and confident representation. The Law Office of David Baldwin takes the time to listen to clients and assess their individual needs to properly strategize a plan tailored to their business and legal needs.

Areas of Expertise


Clients can expect a pragmatic approach to their individual case and comprehensive support in both their transactional and litigation issues. We will help you navigate the industry.

Intellectual Property

The Law Office of David Baldwin works with our clients to develop and implement intellectual property protections for businesses, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Business Law

We work with our clients to develop and implement business strategies and form entities to provide protection for entrepreneurs and professional artists.

Consumer Advocacy

Our firm is a leader in the legal industry for consumer advocacy. The attorneys and staff at our firm are experienced and dedicated to holding corporations accountable on behalf of consumers.


Bills often accumulate due to life events that are beyond our control. Dealing with creditors and bill collectors can be overwhelming. We can help you get a fresh start.

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